About Innosight

Innosight is a global strategy consulting firm focused on helping leading organizations design and create the future. We work with them develop growth strategies, build innovation capabilities, and accelerate new growth initiatives. As a member of the Innosight team, you’ll have the opportunity to work with leaders at Global 1000 companies to tackle some of the most interesting challenges in business.

• We are the leading practitioners of disruptive innovation, building on the work of our co-founder, Harvard Business School professor Clay Christensen.
• Because we focus on growth strategy and innovation, we bring unique expertise and authority to the challenges our clients face: Where is our next big opportunity, and what is our strategy to get there? How do we build an organization that is innovative and future focused? How do we disrupt ourselves before others do?
• Our values – including humility, collaboration, transparency, and intellectual curiosity – guide our work with clients, with each other, and our commitment to enabling innovation in organizations.
• Our work environment emphasizes the exchange of ideas, continuous learning, and collaboration. And our smaller team structure offers exposure to senior-level executives early in your consulting career.


The summer analyst’s primary responsibility is to work on consulting projects. In this role, an analyst would be expected to work with a team to diagnose the innovation-related needs and organizational challenges of clients and industries. Gather, analyze, and synthesize primary and secondary research and data which may include:
· Internet and database searches
· Analyzing company financials and internal data
· Assisting with qualitative research such as interviews, focus groups and ethnographic observation
· Assisting with execution and analysis of quantitative research
Analysts also work with a team to ideate and develop new product and business ideas, support the team’s manager in developing specific recommendations for the client. Develop PowerPoint slides and/or other output to synthesize and describe findings and present findings at client meetings.


• Ability to use reason, logic and creativity to solve ambiguous problems.
• Excellent written and oral communications skills. Proven ability to effectively conduct secondary and/or primary research.
• Ability to thrive in a relatively unstructured environment. Must have high tolerance for ambiguity and the ability to self-motivate and self-manage.
• Ability to perform well in a collaborative, team environment. Intellectual curiosity and interest in consulting.
• Familiarity with Microsoft PowerPoint and Excel.